[Dovecot] Bah! Outlook

Bill Cole dovecot-20061108 at billmail.scconsult.com
Thu Apr 17 17:58:54 EEST 2008

At 2:08 PM +0100 4/17/08, Ed W wrote:
>I hate defend Microsoft, but personally I found that Outlook Express 
>to be one of the (overall) best IMAP clients out there... (on 
>windows at least).  Mulberry never quite seemed to work the way I 
>expected and is now discontinued.

Not really. The commercial operation trying to market it went 
bankrupt, but the author managed to reclaim Mulberry and it is now 
open source.


I think one reason Mulberry may seem counterintuitive is that it 
exposes behavior of IMAP that is counterintuitive.

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