[Dovecot] Possible to log IMAP connections to MySQL Table?

Corey Shaw cshaw at q90.com
Tue Dec 23 23:47:58 EET 2008

On our current mail system we've gone down the route of a PHP script as well for logging the connections.  Since I use metalog for logging (instead of syslog-ng) and I don't really want to make an exception for one of our servers, I'll probably still have to use that script.  I definitely want to put in a vote for the ability to log to an SQL backend though. 

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On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 1:30 PM, Seth Mattinen <sethm at rollernet.us> wrote: 
> Corey Shaw wrote: 
>> Is it currently possible to log all IMAP connection attempts to a MySQL 
>> table?  Thanks. 
> Sure. You could use syslog-ng to log directly to a database or syslog plus 
> SEC (http://kodu.neti.ee/~risto/sec/) to trigger insert rules. 
> ~Seth 

If someone ever decides to make a log-login-tomysql plugin i would 
love to use it. I currently have a php script that runs during 
logrotate that parses the info.log for all pop3/imap logins and logs 
them to mysql, i only keep per minute and then i have a history table 
of peruser-perday for 90 days. 

It would be way cool to have dovecot throw that to mysql 
automagically. If i were a c programmer i would do it myself =S 

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