[Dovecot] linuxconf migration story

Thanos Chatziathanassiou tchatzi at arx.net
Wed Dec 24 16:26:29 EET 2008

Hi, just subscribed after successfully (?) migrating from a somewhat old 
linuxconf/vimap config.
dovecot-1.1.7, x86

A few issues:
The index files seem to be created with the wrong permissions. I get 
``Dec 24 15:36:29 mail dovecot: POP3(user at domain): 
stat(/var/run/dovecot/imap-index/domain/user/.imap/INBOX) failed: 
Permission denied (euid=60107 egid=231 missing +x perm: 
the directory /var/run/dovecot/imap-index is
drwxrwxrwt  29 dovecot  dovecot      4.0k Dec 24 15:57 imap-index
but the directories inside it are created as
drwx------  15 60107    popusers     4.0k Dec 24 15:50 domain

- Why is POP3 interested in the imap indices ?
- IMAP clients do not complain all that much, as far as I can see, but 
what happens to POP3 ?
- Is there something to configure to get rid of this ?

Also, I have written a somewhat sloppy patch to determine the domain 
from the server's IP. That way it is not necessary to persuade all users 
to switch to logging in as ``user at domain'' (which I've tried with very 
limited success).
Would this be the correct place to post the patch and discuss ?

Best Regards,
Thanos Chatziathanassiou

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