[Dovecot] Checking for strtoumax and strtoimax

J Springer js at jspringer.net
Wed Dec 31 03:46:35 EET 2008

> In what header file are strtoumax and strtoimax declared? How are they 
> declared? (grep -r strtoumax /usr/include) Perhaps you'd just need to 
> link with some extra library to be able to use them.

They're not declared at all which was why I was puzzled at the positive check.

>> and/but I would like to know how to handle strtoimax.
> If you're not using quota plugin you won't need it. If you're going to 
> use quota plugin it would have to be implemented somehow..

Quota won't be used.  Any problem with just removing that section from compat.c?

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