[Dovecot] Antispam plugin custom behavior?

Kyle Wheeler kyle-dovecot at memoryhole.net
Wed Jun 11 19:24:16 EEST 2008

On Wednesday, June 11 at 05:51 PM, quoth Juan Asensio Sánchez:
> The anispam plugin does exactly what you need, and you could forget 
> the cron script. If you use SpamAssassin, you could add a rule to 
> Sieve to move the Spam messages when they arrives to the Spam 
> folder. If a user moves a message from Spam folder to any other 
> folder, then the message is considered a false possitive (when this 
> move is detected you could run sa-learn inmediatly, without the cron 
> script); the other way, when a user moves a message INTO the spam 
> folder you could run again the sa-learn script, but with different 
> parameters.

Well, for one thing, this is different behavior than what my users are 
used to, and I'd rather not have to re-explain how things work and 
deal with confusion about the difference in behavior.

Plus, unless I misunderstand the antispam plugin (quite possible), it 
doesn't *alter* the message when you remove it from the Spam folder 
--- because if it did, that could confuse IMAP clients that expect 
messages not to change when moved.

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