[Dovecot] problems with dotlock

Mark Hedges hedges at scriptdolphin.org
Tue Mar 3 22:36:53 EET 2009

On Tue, 3 Mar 2009, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> > > http://hg.dovecot.org/dovecot-1.1/rev/6e9ca7f7e2a1
> >
> > Nope.  Applied this to a pristine source.  Still nothing.
> It should have logged something different though? Like
> appending "(core not dumped - is the home dir ok?)"

Ah yes.

Mar 3 12:34:14 anubis dovecot: child 27262 (pop3) killed
with signal 11 (core not dumped - is home dir set?)

FWIW `finger` and getpwnam in perl report the correct home
directory for this user.  Dovecot is using the default pam


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