[Dovecot] Dovecot and high availability

d dimov dimovenator at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 10:05:37 EET 2009

Hello dear all.

Please accept apologies if the topic was discussed already, tried
searching the archives but found few details.

What I am looking for would be the best way to making Dovecot highly
available in an environment where:

two Alteons are load-balancing two Dovecot servers, each Alteon seing
both of them;

the clients are using exclusively POP3;

low volume;

in case of a Dovecot server failure service should fail over to the
other node with preferably no manual intervention. Failover could mean
Alteons just ignoring the failed host and routing all requests to the
healthy one.

Would it be shared NFS volume mounted on both of the servers from some
NAS, maildirs put on that volume and both Dovecots seing the mailboxes
simultaneously? Any risks? Is there a good document describing such a

Thank you in advance and please indicate if I missed relevant details.

Best regards,


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