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Jerry gesbbb at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 3 13:23:47 EET 2010

On Wed, 03 Mar 2010 11:57:35 +0100
Carsten Laun-De Lellis <carsten.delellis at delellis.net> articulated:

> Am 03.03.2010 11:39, schrieb Stan Hoeppner:
> > Carsten Laun-De Lellis put forth on 3/3/2010 4:09 AM:
> >    
> >> Hi all
> >>
> >> I am using dovecot at home for privat use and i found a lot of
> >> documentation here on the web. But you know, i am an old fashion
> >> guy and i like books. Is there a book on the market that will help
> >> me with understanding dovecot more and the configuration options ?
> >>      
> > This book apparently covers some of Dovecot:
> > http://www.amazon.com/Pro-Open-Source-Mail-Enterprise/dp/159059598X
> >
> > It's geared toward building a complete mail server solution, so
> > it's not dedicated to Dovecot.  How much of Dovecot it covers I
> > don't know, as I've not read it.
> >
> > It was apparently published in Sept 2006, 3.5 years ago.  Standard
> > caution applies:  some/much of the technical information may now be
> > incorrect as things have changed in the software over the 4+ year
> > period since the author put pen to paper, so to speak.
> >
> > This is the most recent book I could find that covers a little bit
> > of Dovecot.  There doesn't appear to be a "Book of Dovecot".
> > Dovecot is covered a bit in The Book of Postfix, but it was
> > published in 2005, so it will be even farther out of date.
> >
> > The book linked above may be worth the read for general
> > architectural setup.
> >
> >    
> Thank you for your quick reply. I already have two postfix books one 
> published in 2007 another one in 2009. Both covers dovecot in
> examples how to set up a mail server for enterprises, but this is not
> what i am looking for. I am looking for an equivalent to the courier
> and cyrus books on the market.
> But again thank you for your reply.
> Regards,
> Carsten

A while ago, I expressed an interest in writing a book about Dovecot;
something along the "Dovecot for Dummies" scenario. I have switched
jobs, and am attempting to relocate so I have not had a lot of time to
invest in the venture. Hopefully, within the next year I will get back
to the project. That doesn't help you much, but it might someday assist
someone else. Personally, I always enjoy reading from a book more than
from a web page. Just my own preference though.

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