[Dovecot] Mailing list's prefix

Stefan Foerster cite+dovecot-users at incertum.net
Fri Mar 5 07:14:08 EET 2010

* Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi>:
> Do you think I'd break a lot of people's filters if I removed the
> prefix? :) Anyone strongly for/against removing it? It seems kind of
> annoying to me whenever I happen to think about it.


I don't need any [tag] for filtering, that's what plus'd addresses or
List-Id headers are for. My _brain_ relies on a [tag], especially if I
want to continue an interesting discussion, which has a poor Subject:,
off list/in private. 99,9% of the few spams I receive are in English,
so I'm pretty fast when it comes to deleting English messages with
non-obvious Subject: headers. The [tag] helps a lot with that.


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