[Dovecot] IMAP proxy configuration

Leonardo Rodrigues leolistas at solutti.com.br
Thu Mar 11 18:14:19 EET 2010

Em 11/03/2010 09:53, mailing at securitylabs.it escreveu:
> Just insert a column in the MySQL table with the host relative to the 
> domain. This is my configuration on the proxy:
> password_query = SELECT users.clear AS password, domains.host, 
> '%u*proxy' AS destuser, 'proxy' AS pass, 'Y' AS proxy FROM 
> users,domains WHERE users.username = '%u' AND users.enabled = '1' AND 
> domains.domain = '%d'
> In the table "domains" I have a column "domain" with the list of 
> domains I want to proxy, and a column "host" with the IPof the 
> pop/imap server.

     and for local domains i could return as host .... is that 
what you're doing for local domains ?


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