[Dovecot] how quotas works with postfix and dovecot

Wilberth Pérez wilberth.perez at uady.mx
Sat Mar 13 01:22:05 EET 2010

Thanks, I´ll following the advices.


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El 12/03/2010 05:14 p.m., Anton Dollmaier escribió:
> Hi,
>> AFAIK, the backend is only used as a way to determine the used space,
>> not as a way to define the limits. So you need to specify the maximum
>> quota; the filesystem quota is not recognized. E.g. when specifying
>> maildir as backend Dovecot will check the maildir quota in stead of
>> using used diskspace as reported by the OS.
> if filesystem-quota for the user is present and another quota is 
> configured in dovecot, dovecot can not overrun the system-quota.
> fs-quota not only reports used space, but also enforces the 
> quota-rules - regardless of dovecot configuration.
> I would not recommend using filesystem-quotas as dovecot runs into 
> issues regarding indexes (see http://wiki.dovecot.org/Quota/FS for 
> additional infos).
> Use maildir-quota, perhabs with dict-quota-storage, and no 
> filesystem-quota - this works great and also gives easy access for 
> generating reports about user activities through sql-queries.
> best regards,
> Anton

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