[Dovecot] I need IMAP stress testing tool with SEARCH command

Charles Sprickman spork at bway.net
Sun Mar 14 06:20:26 EET 2010

On Fri, 12 Mar 2010, Ernesto Revilla wrote:

> Hi.
> Does anyone know of a good imap stress testing tool? And one which
> supports SEARCH commands? I have to compare Courier and Dovecot. I
> already did some tests using a modified postal/rabid package.
> I would be thankfully for any hints.

"mstone" is old, but it was the only thing I found to do some testing on a 
new server that exercised smtp/pop/imap at the same time.  It scales 
pretty well too...

Look down at section 8 here:


It currently does not support searching, but I'd bet you could hack that 
into the source.  In fact, it looks like someone may have and not updated 
the docs:

     /* compute the search intervals  */
     me->searchSchedule = 0;
     me->currentSearch = me->numSearches = 0;
     if (pish->imapSearchRate) {
         me->numSearches = imapComputeSearchSchedule(ptcx, cmd,
         me->timeUntilSearch = me->searchSchedule[me->currentSearch];

     D_PRINTF(debugfile,"computed search schedule\n");

     return me;

(Not a C guy, but that sure hints at something)


> Best regards.
> Erny
> Yaco Sistemas
> Spain

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