[Dovecot] Triggering mailbox fetch

Brian Candler B.Candler at pobox.com
Fri Mar 19 18:02:32 EET 2010


I would like to migrate mailboxes into a Dovecot system by using an IMAP
transfer from the old system - and I'd like this to take place automatically
at the time the user first logs into the new system.

I have a script which will perform an IMAP fetch and dump it into the local

In courier-imap I could create a '.loginexec' file which is executed when
the user logs in, and gets deleted if it completes successfully.  I'm trying
to find something similar for Dovecot.

* fetchmail-wakeup is the right kind of idea, but I need it to stop running
  once mail has been transferred successfully once. It also needs different
  parameters for each user (e.g. user/pass used to login to the remote
  IMAP server)

* The convert_mail plugin only works with local mail spools, as far as
  I can tell. I'm not sure how it determines whether conversion has already
  taken place (whether the target maildir already exists?)

* autocreate only creates empty mailboxes

Any of these might be a starting point for developing my own plugin, but
does anyone here know of an existing one which would do the job?



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