[Dovecot] 1.2.11 nfs_flush_file_handle_cache_dir problems

Ade Fewings ade at techniumcast.com
Thu Mar 25 18:16:26 EET 2010

>> Error: nfs_flush_file_handle_cache_dir: rmdir(/var/mail) failed: Device busy
> Dovecot tries to flush NFS cache by doing this rmdir(). It is intended
> to fail, but not with EBUSY. I guess /var/mail is your NFS mount root?
> That's why this is failing. There's really no good way to solve this.
Hmm....sorry, I should have mentioned - /var/mail is actually local -
only the /home bits are NFS mounted.  Is that even more concerning?!

Only procmail could come along and touch the mbox as the LDA. 

>> 2. Does this error message represent a real problem that needs solving? 
>> It's very strange how rare it is and that only a few select users have
>> encountered.
> It happens when Dovecot doesn't find the expected mbox file from the
> directory, so Dovecot tries to flush NFS cache to see if the file was
> just created. Is something deleting the /var/mail/$user file for those
> problem users (e.g. some non-Dovecot MUAs do that)?
Could it be erroring because the /var/mail slice is not NFS mounted?  
Perhaps not using mbox_snarf would therefore avoid this problem and we
could revert to our traditional script to move mail once user quotas
have been sorted.


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