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On Fri, 26 Mar 2010 16:18:23 +0100 (CET), Steffen Kaiser
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> On Fri, 26 Mar 2010, Marco Nenciarini wrote:
> >>>>>> "dovehole" - you go inside dovecot via a hole, right?
> >>>>> That is downright pornographic.  "dovehole" - "lovehole"?
> >>>>>
> >>>>> "dovenest" isn't totally horrible (close), but "dovehole" is ...
> >>>>> just not
> >>>>> right at all.
> >>>> dovetail
> >>> +1
> >>
> >> Tail just doesn't make much sense to me. Also it's not completely
> >> free of pornographic associations either. :)
> >>
> >> So my last idea: doveless. "It's less of a dovecot process." To me
> >> it seems closer to perfect as anything I've seen so far.
> >
> > I don't remember if 'dove-nil', 'dovenil' or 'dovenull' were
> > suggested by anyone. If not please consider them.
> Hmm, it's going to make fun; there used to be the Monty Python skits
> using constructs like:
> "
> it is spelled
> dove-in / dovein
> , but it is pronounced
> login
> "
> Or consider yet another meaning of "dove" as past tense of to dive:
> dove-in: {one} dove in{to the [dove]cot}

Playing around with my 'acronym' creator, I came up with test:

HOOLIGAN   (2 possibilities)

      hOOLIgaN: dOvecOt LogIN
      hOOLiGaN: dOvecOt LoGiN

VENOM   (2 possibilities)

      VEnOm: doVEcot lOgin
      VENom: doVEcot logiN

DAEMON   (2 possibilities)

      DaEmON: DovEcOt logiN
      DaEmON: DovEcot lOgiN

DOCTOR   (5 possibilities)

      DOCTOr: DOveCoT lOgin
      DOCtOr: DOveCot lOgin
      DOcTOr: DOvecoT lOgin
      DOcTOr: DovecOT lOgin
      DoCTOr: DoveCoT lOgin

DROOL   (5 possibilities)

      DrOOL: DOvecOt Login
      DrOoL: DOvecot Login
      DroOL: DOvecot Login
      DrOoL: DovecOt Login
      DroOL: DovecOt Login

7 possibilities)

      DemON: DOvecot logiN
      DEmON: DovEcOt logiN
      DEmON: DovEcot lOgiN
      DEmoN: DovEcot logiN
      DEmOn: DovEcot lOgin
      DemON: DovecOt logiN
      DemON: Dovecot lOgiN

DOOM   (2 possibilities)

      DOOm: DOvecot lOgin
      DOOm: DovecOt lOgin

DarLINg: Dovecot LogIN

DEviL: DovEcot Login

That is about enough playing around for one day.

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