[Dovecot] CentOS yum update causing died unexpectedly

Pascal Volk user+dovecot at localhost.localdomain.org
Fri Mar 26 18:49:09 EET 2010

On 03/26/2010 02:08 PM dovecot at corwyn.net wrote:
> Running CentOS 5.x running a postfix/dovecot implementation.  Dovecot 1.1.8.
> I just ran a full system update in my dev environment, and now I'm 
> occasionally getting:
> Mar 26 07:15:43 example dovecot: auth(default): 
> worker-server(test222 at int.example.com, Aborted: Worker 
> process died unexpectedly
> in /var/log/maillog. Any suggestions on where to look to figure out 
> what's causing this?  I don't see that error at all in the past 4 
> weeks of logs in production.

Where from did you get Dovecot 1.1.8 for CentOS? CentOS 5 comes with
v1.0.7. Was this a upgrade from v1.0 to v1.1? Then you will find some
information at: http://wiki.dovecot.org/Upgrading/1.1

How did you try to start Dovecot? "service dovecot start"? Try to start
dovecot directly, w/o using the init-script.

Please include `dovecot -n` output in your reply.

The trapper recommends today: decade.1008507 at localdomain.org

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