[Dovecot] Shared mailboxes unix permissions

Thomas Hummel hummel at pasteur.fr
Wed Mar 31 20:40:29 EEST 2010

Hello Timo,

I'm running dovecot-1.2.11/Maildir and plan to migrate to single UID mailboxes
some day, but for now, I've got "system" users and I'm testing permissions
handling in order to set up shared mailboxes.

The private namespace mailboxes location is

  location = maildir:/courriel/boites/%u:CONTROL=/courriel/meta/%u:INDEX=/var/dovecot-test/indexes/%1u/%u


  . created a 'doveshared' unix group
  . added 'mail_access_groups = doveshared'
  . chmod/chgrp the maildir and control dirs like this :

     drwxrws---  7 doveimap  doveshared  4096 Mar 31 18:47 /courriel/boites/doveimap
     drwxrws---  5 doveimap  doveshared  4096 Mar 31 18:47 /courriel/meta/doveimap

   [which were empty]

  . added 'acl_shared_dict = file:/var/dovecot-test/dict/shared-mailboxes' with

      drwxrwxs--  2 root  doveshared  512 Mar 31 18:44 /var/dovecot-test/dict

   [which were empty]

Everything gets created with the permission I was expecting, except :

  -rw-------  1 doveimap  doveshared  8 Mar 31 18:47 /courriel/meta/doveimap/dovecot-uidvalidity
  -rw-------  1 doveimap  doveshared  0 Mar 31 18:44 /courriel/meta/doveimap/dovecot-uidvalidity.4bb37be4


  -rw-------  1 doveimap  doveshared  0 Mar 31 18:44 /var/dovecot-test/dict/shared-mailboxes

I can't see the explanation in


and the 'dovecot-shared' file doesn't help (besides, my understanding is that
in 1.2x, it's for backward compatibility reason).

Any idea ?


Thomas Hummel 	    | Institut Pasteur
<hummel at pasteur.fr> | Pôle informatique - systèmes et réseau

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