[Dovecot] Dovecot and user's quota

oriol llistes oriol.bellet.llistes at fib.upc.edu
Wed Nov 10 14:09:18 EET 2010


We are planning to use Dovecot-2.0.5 (Maildir format) as IMAP server.
Currently, we are using Postfix+UW-Imap (mbox format) with the following 

- Postfix: Sends new messages to /var/mail/user
- UW-IMAP: Reads mails from /var/mail/user and moves them to ~/nsmail/mbox

Using that configuration, when a user overtakes his HOME’s quota, the 
MTA is still able to send new messages to the user, although he cannot 
read it until he frees HOME space.

Can we configure Dovecot to work in the same way? I mean…

1)Postfix must use /var/mail partition for new mails.
2)Dovecot must move these mails to user’s HOME.
3)User’s HOME must be in Maildir format.

If that is not possible, how can we achieve an equivalent solution?

Thanks in advance.


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