[Dovecot] Question about quota configuration

Alessio Cecchi alessio at skye.it
Fri Feb 3 09:20:50 EET 2012

Il 02/02/2012 23:58, przemek.orzechowski at makolab.pl ha scritto:
> Hi
> This is my first post here so i will be as precise as i can
> I'm trying to setup a quota system using dovecot postfix and procmail
> dovecot version  1.2.9
> postfix version  2.7.0
> I have succesfully modified dovecot config to use fs quota system (so far
> imap and pop3)
> It reports correct quotas to imap and pop3 clients (both user and group)
> What im tryin to do now is to modify postfix->procmail->dovecot config
> in a way that if user is over quota mail delivery is delayed instead of
> bouncing.
> (is this possible?)

Yes, you can do it but with Dovecot LDA instead of procmail. See the 
options "quota_full_tempfail" for Dovecot LDA.

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