[Dovecot] Question about quota configuration

przemek.orzechowski at makolab.pl przemek.orzechowski at makolab.pl
Fri Feb 3 00:58:12 EET 2012


This is my first post here so i will be as precise as i can

I'm trying to setup a quota system using dovecot postfix and procmail
dovecot version  1.2.9
postfix version  2.7.0

I have succesfully modified dovecot config to use fs quota system (so far
imap and pop3)
It reports correct quotas to imap and pop3 clients (both user and group)

What im tryin to do now is to modify postfix->procmail->dovecot config 
in a way that if user is over quota mail delivery is delayed instead of
(is this possible?)

Second thing i would like to achive is that when authenticated users close
to quota/group quota for example 10MB to quota limit 
try sending email theyr mail is rejected and preferably an email is
generated telling them to free some space for new mails first.
(is such a thing possible?)
MS Exchange servers have such a feature and I would like to get such a
functionality on my linux mailserver

I'm trying to prevent a situation when mails are lost due to quota

This setup was initially a typical virtualmin installation with a system
on single partition.

Thanks in advance for all Your suggestions

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