[Dovecot] Question about quota configuration

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Sat Feb 4 15:09:13 EET 2012

On 2012-02-03 9:38 AM, Przemek Orzechowski wrote:
> is there a method to actually prohibit users close to quota to send
> emails? Ie defining dovecot as authentication agent?

I wrote about a feature request on this list for something that would 
probably easily provide the ability for dovecot to do something like 
this a while back...

I would love to see dovecot get a 'Local Submission Agent', similar to 
the LDA. This LSA could then most likely be leveraged (maybe via a 
custom plugin, or maybe even natively) to do what you are requesting.

But the reason I requested it is I would like have the dovecot LSA be 
able to automatically file a copy of all Sent messages to the users 
designated special 'Sent' folder, similar to how GMail does this.

This way, you could completely disable the 'Save a copy of Sent Messages 
to X folder' option in all mail clients like you can wit GMail accounts. 
This would be a huge time saver for people who send a lot of messages 
with large attachments. Currently, the client has to 'send' (upload) the 
message to the server *twice* - once for 'sending' it, and again to 
'save the sent copy'.

Timo - is there a place for users to submit formal Feature Requests? 
And, is this idea of an LSA) something that you would even remotely 
consider at any point in time in the future?

Maybe your new company could add a 'bounty' system, so users could 
submit Feature Requests and they (and others) could pledge money for the 
feature to be implemented?


Best regards,


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