[Dovecot] Question about quota configuration

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Feb 6 22:10:11 EET 2012

On 4.2.2012, at 15.09, Charles Marcus wrote:

> I would love to see dovecot get a 'Local Submission Agent', similar to the LDA. This LSA could then most likely be leveraged (maybe via a custom plugin, or maybe even natively) to do what you are requesting.
> But the reason I requested it is I would like have the dovecot LSA be able to automatically file a copy of all Sent messages to the users designated special 'Sent' folder, similar to how GMail does this.
> This way, you could completely disable the 'Save a copy of Sent Messages to X folder' option in all mail clients like you can wit GMail accounts.

Can't you already do this by configuring MTA to bcc mail to user+Sent at domain where there's a global Sieve script moving the +Sent mails to Sent folder (possibly checking that it's from localhost).

> Timo - is there a place for users to submit formal Feature Requests?

I wouldn't mind if they are simply sent to this list. Although would be a good idea to make it clear in the subject, I almost skipped this message. Most of the things that I want to implement end up in the TODO file in Dovecot sources, and the things that don't end up there are something I'd rather forget, at least until enough people start wanting them.

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