[Dovecot] Synchronization error in NFS

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Thu Feb 9 14:55:45 EET 2012

On 9.2.2012, at 10.36, Andy YB Hu wrote:

> I just tried out the Director. One question is about the re-redirection.  I
> know director will redirect all the simultaneous requests from the same
> user to only a single server at the same time.  The question is how to
> manage the time period after last connection to re-decide to redirect which
> machine?   director_user_expire? Look like not.
> I did one test, set director_user_expire = 1 min, then keep sending
> requests to the director in 2 min interval, the result is it keeps redirect
> to the same back end server.

In normal operation the user is always redirected to the same server. http://blog.dovecot.org/2010/05/new-director-service-in-v20-for-nfs.html has some more details.

If you have enough connections, it shouldn't matter that the connections aren't constantly going to random backends. In practice they get distributed well enough.

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