[Dovecot] Possible broken indexer(lucene/solr)? (Updated: also present in 2.1rc7 perhaps?)

Robin dovecot at r.paypc.com
Fri Feb 17 04:46:23 EET 2012

> You mean you deleted Solr index, so that it's empty? That should work too.
> Anyway, in v2.1 Dovecot keeps track of what is the last indexed message in dovecot.index files. So if you're switching between backends or have messed things up in tests, you need to run "doveadm fts rescan" (for each user).

# doveadm(root): Fatal: Unknown command 'fts', but plugin fts exists. Try to set mail_plugins=fts

I get this, despite having fts + fts_solr defined in 20-imap.conf as recommended with the following plugin format stanza:

plugin {
        fts = solr
        fts_solr = break-imap-search url=http://solrhost:8983/solr/

Should I be adding fts/fts_solr to the global mail_plugins setting?

I have Solr up and running, without any firewalling between the hosts, and it never seems to even try to use it.

The logs show, even after importing fresh mail and issuing a "search text "your" command to the server, which takes it about 5m or so to return results.

I see the following in the log:

Feb 16 17:51:54 indexer-worker(testuser): Info: Indexed 0 messages in INBOX2010

GET /solr/ issued to http://solrhost:8983/ via TELNET reports A-OK, and Solr Admin shows ready status when the admin console is loaded into a web browser.  I can see there is ZERO traffic between the hosts during the SEARCH text command's execution, though I can see an open connection to the solr host in netstat:

tcp        0      0 linuxcode:56393 solrhost:8983  ESTABLISHED


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