[Dovecot] iPhone and custom imap folders problem

Miha Vrhovnik miha.vrhovnik at cordia.si
Fri Feb 24 19:10:58 EET 2012

"Adam Szpakowski" <as at 3a.pl> wrote on 24.2.2012 17:46:02:

>On 24.02.2012 15:47, Charles Marcus wrote:
>> On 2012-02-24 9:22 AM, Przemysław.Orzechowski 
>> <przemek.orzechowski at makolab.pl> wrote:
>>> Im using Dovecot 1.0.10
>> Very old - an upgrade would likeley fix your problems...
>A client of mine using iPhone1 has the same problem on Dovecot 2.0.15. 
>Only inbox is synced automatically.
>Adam Szpakowski

So the solution is simple go bug Apple. 
Oh yeah. they say if something isn't implemented on Apple platform or it doesn't work, then you don't need it, because their devs know what's best for their users.


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