[Dovecot] iPhone and custom imap folders problem

Jacek Osiecki joshua at hybrid.pl
Mon Feb 27 18:44:06 EET 2012

On Fri, 24 Feb 2012, Miha Vrhovnik wrote:

> "Adam Szpakowski" <as at 3a.pl> wrote on 24.2.2012 17:46:02:
>> On 24.02.2012 15:47, Charles Marcus wrote:
>>> On 2012-02-24 9:22 AM, Przemysław.Orzechowski
>>> <przemek.orzechowski at makolab.pl> wrote:
>>>> Im using Dovecot 1.0.10
>>> Very old - an upgrade would likeley fix your problems...
>> A client of mine using iPhone1 has the same problem on Dovecot 2.0.15.
>> Only inbox is synced automatically.
> So the solution is simple go bug Apple.
> Oh yeah. they say if something isn't implemented on Apple platform or it
> doesn't work, then you don't need it, because their devs know what's 
> best for their users.

Exactly, no hope here :(
What's even more annoying, apple doesn't put those idiotic limitations on 
Exchange accounts - seems they like Microsoft more than free solutions :)

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