[Dovecot] Deny create folders

Jacek Osiecki joshua at hybrid.pl
Tue Feb 28 13:14:04 EET 2012

On Sun, 26 Feb 2012, Jerry wrote:

> On Sun, 26 Feb 2012 22:31:35 +0100
> S. Kremer articulated:
>> Every user's mailbox has a directory called Spam and Ham. I scan this
>> two folders by a script to learn my spamassassin database.
>> This script does not scan folders like spam, ham, junk-email etc.
>> But some users have such folders in their mailbox so spamassassin does
>> not learn from these folders.


> Couldn't you just make a soft link between the two folders and save
> yourself and your clientele a lot of trouble? I have not messed with
> "spamassassin" in years; however, I thought it was configurable on what
> it scans.

Oh, it reminds me of one thing I would like to have - maybe it is 
possible? Some IMAP clients (especially outlooks) create junk/sent/etc. 
folders with various names, depending on national settings.
Is it possible to provide a - let's say - dictionary, which would always
return the same folder (like Sent) no matter if client asks for "Sent",
"Sent Mail" or "Elementy wys&AUI-ane"?

Hmm... Now, when I formed the question it seems that this MIGHT be a 
problem :) What should dovecot provide when client asks for list of 
subscribed folders? If I know that there is a polish version of MS Outlook,
I should provide "Elementy wys&AUI-ane", but "Sent" if it is roundcube...

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