[Dovecot] Dovecot clustering with dsync-based replication

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Feb 29 17:51:47 EET 2012

On 28.2.2012, at 22.10, Charles Marcus wrote:

> But a question out of curiosity: can the Director be configured to redirect userA to private IP #.#.#.# when connecting from a local subnet, but connect them to Public IP ##.##.##.##.## when accessing remotely? I don't know enough about routing to answer this myself... but if it is possible, then I could minimize traffic on  the inter-office link - but there really is not enough remote traffic to worry about this too much I think.

Yes, there are some ways to do this. Although you would most likely want Dovecot proxy without director feature enabled.

>>> Timo, state above that this 'describes a design'... does this mean that
>>> this is doable right now? Which of the following terms would you use to
>>> describe it at this point in time?
>>> Potentially problematic
>> Not finished yet, so closest to this. :) I'm planning on making our own
>> mails use this within a few weeks (currently it's a dsync in crontab
>> every 5 minutes).
> Cool, it sounds like it may be safe to set this up then in say 2 or 3 months? Since I'll most likely be contracting with your company to help with this, I'll wait and see what you say once we're ready to roll this out - and maybe you'll be willing to give us a deal on the implementation and/or support costs if we're willing to serve as guinea pigs. ;)

Possibly. :)

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