[Dovecot] I'm confused about my namespace parms

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Sat Feb 18 19:04:49 EET 2012


I'm new to the list and to dovecot. I'm having a strange situation that provides
no errors, so I'm having a little problem diagnosing what's going on.

I've been running a Centos 3 mail server with sendmail for our company for quite
a few years. I finally got approval for new servers this year and put Centos 6.2
on it. I'm sticking with sendmail, but that's not important.

Up to this point, I've got all working fairly well. I've found that if I
configure dovecot to use the mixed format (pop and imap INBOX in
/var/spool/mail, Imap folders in /home/user/mail, two namespaces) as in the
examples for "namespace", most works fine. Anyone who has used imap previously
on our old system and work as if nothing has changed. Anyone who has never used
Imap before can't seem to access the server using our webmail app (Horde/Imp).
Dovecot is providing both pop and imap. An account that is set up from a normal
mail client as imap has no problems as well.

Sendmail is set up to create a new user in the /var/spool/mail folder. When I
moved from the old server to the new server, I copied /home and /var/spool/mail
to the new server - in other words, I kept the same scheme.

There are no errors in the maillog, and it indicates that the user is getting
logged in and out, but the return to Horde is that the user entered the wrong
name or password. I'm thinking that this is probably due to how dovecot is
trying to look for the imap folders, but the lack or any errors makes it a
little difficult to diagnose.

I'm fairly certain that what was installed on the old server was UW-Imap and was
provided by the imap-2002 rpm. I tried using the examples for UW-Imap
compatability but that didn't work at all. I haven't been able to figure out
what's different about the old imap folder contents and what's missing in the
newly created imap folders to allow Horde to access this account.

I'll look at the Horde config to see if anything is there, but I'm cautious
about changing anything that might break the current users' ability. Most of the
accounts are set up as POP with the ability to see what's left on the server
using Horde, webmail, and IMAP.

Any help in tracing this down would really help. I think my biggest problem is I
don't understand the "namespace" parameter as well as I should. So there it is.
It seems I've got at least 3 areas to concentrate on.

Steve Campbell

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