[Dovecot] I'm confused about my namespace parms

Julio C. Ortega roliverio at vaslibre.org.ve
Sat Feb 18 19:17:43 EET 2012

El 18/02/12 12:34, Steve Campbell escribió:
> Hi,
> I'm new to the list and to dovecot. I'm having a strange situation that provides
> no errors, so I'm having a little problem diagnosing what's going on.
> I've been running a Centos 3 mail server with sendmail for our company for quite
> a few years. I finally got approval for new servers this year and put Centos 6.2
> on it. I'm sticking with sendmail, but that's not important.
> Up to this point, I've got all working fairly well. I've found that if I
> configure dovecot to use the mixed format (pop and imap INBOX in
> /var/spool/mail, Imap folders in /home/user/mail, two namespaces) as in the
> examples for "namespace", most works fine. Anyone who has used imap previously
> on our old system and work as if nothing has changed. Anyone who has never used
> Imap before can't seem to access the server using our webmail app (Horde/Imp).
> Dovecot is providing both pop and imap. An account that is set up from a normal
> mail client as imap has no problems as well.
> Sendmail is set up to create a new user in the /var/spool/mail folder. When I
> moved from the old server to the new server, I copied /home and /var/spool/mail
> to the new server - in other words, I kept the same scheme.
> There are no errors in the maillog, and it indicates that the user is getting
> logged in and out, but the return to Horde is that the user entered the wrong
> name or password. I'm thinking that this is probably due to how dovecot is
> trying to look for the imap folders, but the lack or any errors makes it a
> little difficult to diagnose.

Looks like a Mail Directory seek problem. what's your mail_location set
up to?, also, does this location exist for that NEW user on it's first

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