[Dovecot] Design details of high performance dovecot cluster

JEHERUL jeherul at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 12:28:07 EET 2013

Dear All,

Currently we are running a mail system for 10000 users each 2GB mailbox. At
present we have 5 mail servers where users mailboxes are distributed almost
uniformly. We have a HP SAN Storage (HP EVA 6400) where mailboxes are
stored. We partition the storage into five vg and each is mounted on the 5
servers. We are using postfix and dovecot.

The system was running fine but currently we  notices high IO load due to
IMAP connection. So we are planning to build a dovecot cluster.

Please suggest some design for the dovecot cluster keeping in mind to our
scenario. (If needed we can buy additional hardware like load balancer).

With Thanks and Regards
Jeherul Islam

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