[Dovecot] imap crash 2.2.9 hg

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sun Dec 8 22:46:27 EET 2013

On 6.12.2013, at 7.51, Oli Schacher <dovecot at lists.wgwh.ch> wrote:

> With dovecot built from the latest 2.2.9 hg (342f6962390e) we get imap
> crashes. This only affects one account which is used by multiple
> clients. The first few logins seem to work ok, but after a few seconds
> the log is flooded with
> #0  0x00007f6fdcb9ef40 in mail_index_view_is_inconsistent () from /usr/lib64/dovecot/libdovecot-storage.so.0
> No symbol table info available.
> #1  0x00007f6fdcb4f73b in mailbox_is_inconsistent () from /usr/lib64/dovecot/libdovecot-storage.so.0
> No symbol table info available.

Yeah, I noticed too and fixed it some days ago on my desktop. Just forgot to commit to hg: http://hg.dovecot.org/dovecot-2.2/rev/0595d54ab34a

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