[Dovecot] Ubuntu packages and broken link in docs

Michael Cramer michael at bigmichi1.de
Wed Dec 11 14:24:12 EET 2013

  these are build from the sources that are automatically build for the
debian system mentioned in the
wiki http://wiki2.dovecot.org/PrebuiltBinaries#Automatically_Built_Packages
(only difference to these are some changes to the build file for version
numbers and the changelog file). only building official releases named
...~auto0 packages

Zitat von Alan McGinlay - SICS <alanm at sics.se>:

> On 2013-12-11 13:00, Michael Cramer wrote:
>> i uploaded 2.2.9 for ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 12.10, 13.04 and 13.10 to the
>> ppa
>> Zitat von michael at bigmichi1.de:
>> Zitat von Alan McGinlay - SICS <alanm at sics.se>
>> Hi,
>> Two things:
>> 1. Does anyone know of a good PPA with updated packages of Dovecot for
>> Ubuntu? "For the latest Dovecot for latest Ubuntu LTS see Xiaoka APT
>> Repository. (Outdated. Could someone provide a ppa for latest stable
>> Dovecot, please?)"
>> 2. On the http://wiki2.dovecot.org/PrebuiltBinaries#Ubuntu page there
>> is a link to a supposedly outdated PPA, the ppa page now redirects to
>> an ad for the guys services so should probably be removed.
>> /Alan
>> Hi,
>> In my ppa https://launchpad.net/~bigmichi1 i provide the latest version
>> of dovecot for the latest version of Ubuntu. It is build after a
>> official release.
> Thanks! I will give it a try on a dev server. Does it follow the debian
> split config files layout?  Also, which sources are the debs built from?
> I would like to try building it my self for comparison.

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