[Dovecot] Turn of mount point adding?

Scott Galambos scottg at particlesoftware.com
Sat Dec 14 12:37:01 EET 2013

I'm running dovecot 2.2.5 and would like to completely turn off all 
automatic adding of mount points.   So var/lib/dovecot/mounts would be 
empty essentially.

Is this possible?  Somehow dovecot always adds a mount point that does 
not exist and was removed a long time ago.    I've dove:

doveadm mount add '/my custom path/*' ignore
but it still will add mount points in the "mounts" file and flag them as 
for example:

ignore /apps/proftp/servers/ftp.domain.ca/*
ignore /mnt/*
online /
online /apps/proftp/servers/ftp.domain.ca/www.site1.com
online /apps/proftp/servers/ftp.domain.ca/www.site2.com
online /apps/proftp/servers/ftp.domain.ca/www.site3.com

what does it list site1, 2 and 3 if its suppose to ignore the root path 
with the first line?   I would to completely disable all mountpoints.

Even "doveadm mount add '/*' ignore" should render a mounts file empty 
on reboot correct?  It doesn't and keeps rebuilding it.

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