[Dovecot] how to separate virtual delivery and authentication?

Mihai Badici mihai at badici.ro
Mon Dec 30 00:03:01 EET 2013

I have a "pure ldap" setting with postfix and dovecot.
When using  dovecot delivery, the recipient is checked via ldap.
The same ldap query is used when authenticate.
So, if I want to authenticate with the uid , I can't use a filter like uid=%u 
because the delivery will fail. I don't want to use %nor something else 
because I could use multiple e-mail addresses on a single account.

I actually use a filter like ( mail=%u)|(uid=%u) but I think for more complex 
situations  should  be better to have two separate filters, one for 
authentication and the other for the delivery. What is your oppinion?

Mihai Bădici

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