deb repo with dovecot-antispam ?

Stephan Bosch stephan at
Mon May 2 00:39:13 UTC 2016

Op 5/2/2016 om 12:38 AM schreef Håkon Alstadheim:
> There are .debs available for version 2.2 both from backports and
>, but neither seem to have the antispam plugin built for
> version 2.2. Anybody know why, and (if there is no particular reason)
> how to get dovecot-antispam in a proper .deb package for dovecot-2.2.* ?

Including it in the current Xi build process isn't trivial. I haven't
needed it so far, so it never got included.

I played with this a bit. The attached crude shell script will create a
./build directory in which a fresh debian package is built. It needs at
least git and devscripts packages installed. Adjust the script as needed.

Clear the build directory manually if you need to start over.

You can also use this shell script as a step-by-step guide on how to
make a fresh Debian package for it:

- It clones git repositories for dovecot-antispam and its debian package.
- From dovecot-antispam it creates the required orig.tar.gz file and
unpacks it.
- The debian directory is copied from the official Debian package. This
will only work if the latest dovecot-antispam is still compatible.
Currently, it is.
- Its changelog is updated for the new version.
- The package is built.

At my end it builds successfully, but I haven't actually tried the
resulting package.



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# Used in Debian changelog
export DEBEMAIL="stephan at"
export DEBFULLNAME="Stephan Bosch"

# Date-based versioning scheme; identical to official packages
DATE=`date +%Y%m%d`
REVISION="1" # Increment if multiple versions on one day

mkdir build
cd build

git clone git://
git clone git:// dovecot-antispam-debian

cd dovecot-antispam
git archive \
  --format=tar \
  --prefix="dovecot-antispam-$VERSION/" \
  master > "../dovecot-antispam_$VERSION.orig.tar"
cd ..

gzip "dovecot-antispam_$VERSION.orig.tar"
tar -xzf "dovecot-antispam_$VERSION.orig.tar.gz"

cp -ar dovecot-antispam-debian/debian "dovecot-antispam-$VERSION"

# Requires devscripts
cd "dovecot-antispam-$VERSION"
dch -v "$VERSION-$REVISION" "Updated to the latest dovecot-antispam Git revision"

# Requires devscripts
debuild -us -uc

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