deb repo with dovecot-antispam ?

Håkon Alstadheim hakon at
Mon May 2 06:50:52 UTC 2016

Den 02. mai 2016 02:39, skrev Stephan Bosch:
> Op 5/2/2016 om 12:38 AM schreef Håkon Alstadheim:
>> There are .debs available for version 2.2 both from backports and
>>, but neither seem to have the antispam plugin built for
>> version 2.2. Anybody know why, and (if there is no particular reason)
>> how to get dovecot-antispam in a proper .deb package for dovecot-2.2.* ?
> Including it in the current Xi build process isn't trivial. I haven't
> needed it so far, so it never got included.
> I played with this a bit. The attached crude shell script will create a
> ./build directory in which a fresh debian package is built. It needs at
> least git and devscripts packages installed. Adjust the script as needed.
> Clear the build directory manually if you need to start over.
> You can also use this shell script as a step-by-step guide on how to
> make a fresh Debian package for it:
> - It clones git repositories for dovecot-antispam and its debian package.
> - From dovecot-antispam it creates the required orig.tar.gz file and
> unpacks it.
> - The debian directory is copied from the official Debian package. This
> will only work if the latest dovecot-antispam is still compatible.
> Currently, it is.
> - Its changelog is updated for the new version.
> - The package is built.
> At my end it builds successfully, but I haven't actually tried the
> resulting package.
> Regards,
> Stephan.
Thanks! Don't have time to try it now, but I have a script which will
unhold dovecot, update and then build dovecot-antispam iff there was a
new version of dovecot, and then hold dovectot. I'll try plugging your
script in there, and see how It goes.

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