folders in public namespace only visable to 2nd folder level in

Andreas Oster aoster at
Wed May 3 18:51:31 EEST 2017

Hi all,

I am currently facing an issue with Dovevot version where 
subfolders in a public namespace are only
visible to the 2nd folder level:

namespace Public -> folder "1st" -> folder -> "2nd" -> folder "3rd" ....

When one user creates a subfolder below the 2nd level other users do not 
see that folder and are unable to
subscribe to this folder. Folders created under the 1st level however 
are visible and subscribable by other

namespace {
   disabled = no
   hidden = no
   ignore_on_failure = no
   inbox = no
   list = children
   type = public
   separator = /
   prefix = Public/
   location = maildir:/var/vmail/public:INDEXPVT=~/Maildir/public
   subscriptions = no

I do not know at which point ( dovecot update ) this issue appeared.

Does anyone face the same problem ?

Thank you for your kind help

best regards

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