Nightly builds of Debian packages

Stephan Bosch stephan at
Tue May 9 12:54:00 EEST 2017

Op 5/9/2017 om 10:04 AM schreef Christoph Pleger:
> Hello,
> how is the future of the automatically built nightly debian packages
> of dovecot? Has that project been ceased? The current auto-built
> version is still 2.2.28 from April 28, though 2.2.29 (with a security
> patch) of dovecot is out now for a while.

Two things:

- I forgot to update the version number, again. The referred debian-new
repository does that automatically, but it is not technically live yet.
- The builder didn't like the new https:// URL, so it failed to download
the release package once the version was fixed.

Keep in mind that even though the version isn't updated, the latest
commits are still being incorporated in the packages.



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