Sieve and recipient_delimiter

@lbutlr kremels at
Sat Nov 16 19:46:48 EET 2019

I use recipient_delimiter addresseses quiet a bit, and I want to put several of them into a mailbox

if anyof (header :contains ["to"] [ “FOO", “foo", “bar", “florin"]) {
        fileinto :create “later";

When I get an email addressed to me+FOO at or me_florin at, the messages end up in my inbox (Yes, I have both + and _ defined as delimiters in postfix and in dovecot).

Is this because sieve is not seeing the delimiter? I am wondering this because I have another rule that seems to be working fine that is largely the same, but operates on domains:

if anyof ( header :contains ["From"] [“", “localdomain1.tld”, 
           "localdomain2.tld", "localdomain3.tld", “” ]){
   fileinto :create "priority";

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