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Thu Dec 3 06:05:18 EET 2020

On 03/12/2020 11.22, Christy S wrote:
> "Anything interesting in the dovecot logs at the time when you check?"
> So I looked up dovecot logs on google, and what I'm seeing is that dovecot generally writes to mail logs under /var/log. The stuff I sent in my first email came from mail.err in that folder. The only other file I could find was mail.log. 

Unusual. You can find out the location of the log file with 
	doveconf log_path
Mine is /var/log/dovecot.log, but this will vary with OS. 

Incidentally you can also use doveconf to see the current values of all config items, which means that 
	doveconf -a > 201203_backup.conf 
will give you a reference backup, and 
	doveconf -a | grep search_term 
will let you look for the current value of likely items, try "dh" or "ssl"

But the definitive way to backup config would be to take a copy of /etc/dovecot/ to make sure you get everything in the same layout. 

> "google can also be out of date I'd recommend using a date filter when using it for checking configurations and limit it only to the last 1-2 years as you will get more relevant information typically."

Once you've done a search: Tools > Any Time > Past Year


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