follow up to my mail issues I posted about

Aki Tuomi aki.tuomi at
Thu Dec 3 08:41:59 EET 2020


> "Your DH parameters are too weak. You should generate at least 2048 byte 
> parameters."
> To be honest, I don't even recall setting up DH parameters. I would 
> guess that probably happened when I was setting up ssl?

openssl gendh 4096 > /path/to/dh.pem

Alternatively, update to latest dovecot from and disable DH support completely. See

> Again, thank you to each of you for helping with this. I really try not 
> to send stuff like this to mailing lists that are technical in nature, 
> but this is important business mail he's potentially missing and I'm a 
> bit out of my league. First project once this gets fixed will be 
> learning how to back up the server.
> Christy


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