Fts solr add fields message-id, date, in-reply-to

michael1970 sod.michi at gmx.de
Mon Dec 7 03:32:34 EET 2020

Hi John,

I have the standard Dovecot Solr, like in documentation.

When I query in solr backend*%3A* 
I see as json:

        "user":["emai at example.co.nz"],
        "id":"1075/202ab12237483a5e6c1300009a2345/emai at example.co.nz",
        "body":["Yes, I sent them a copy of this,....\n"],
        "hdr":["Return-Path: <eaxample>\nDelivered-To:..... "],
        "from":["<emai at example.co.nz>\n"],
        "to":["<emai at example.co.nz>\n"],
        "subject":["New Account"],

but I need as key message-id, in-reply-to, date

Thanks, Michael

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