Fts solr add fields message-id, date, in-reply-to

John Fawcett john at voipsupport.it
Mon Dec 7 05:32:20 EET 2020

On 07/12/2020 02:32, michael1970 wrote:
> Hi John,
> I have the standard Dovecot Solr, like in documentation.
> When I query in solr backend
> I see as json:
>         "uid":[1075],
>         "box":["202ab12237483a5e6c1300009a2345"],
>         "user":["emai at example.co.nz"],
>         "id":"1075/202ab12237483a5e6c1300009a2345/emai at example.co.nz",
>         "body":["Yes, I sent them a copy of this,....\n"],
>         "hdr":["Return-Path: <eaxample>\nDelivered-To:..... "],
>         "from":["<emai at example.co.nz>\n"],
>         "to":["<emai at example.co.nz>\n"],
>         "subject":["New Account"],
>         "_version_":1685006305384726530},
> but I need as key message-id, in-reply-to, date
> Thanks, Michael
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Hi Michael

the headers to index are not configurable. In order to do this you would
need to update the source code and the solr schema and reindex the

Having said that, I'm still uncertain as to what you would gain by doing
this, since Dovecot is able to run queries on message-id, in-reply-to
and on date without this modification.


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