Using dovecot with RoundCubeMail - where is the information for new mail in (blue coloured) directories?

Peter pch at
Sun Dec 20 10:33:25 EET 2020

Am 19.12.20 um 15:53 schrieb David Morsberger:
> Phil,
> I looked around and this is deep in the Roundcube service side code. It 
> is detecting a new message in a folder since the last time you viewed 
> the contents of the folder.
> I see has the folder list items are changed through css and how the 
> server side code is receiving the request to check for recent. It get 
> complicated after that. I cannot determine if it is keep state in 
> roundcube or making a call to the IMAP provider. I am leaning to 
> roundcube state.

The server would be hard pressed: Several users may idle in the same 
mailbox. If a message is new, then for whom exactly?

Thunderbird has a css selector to match "newMessages" too: It can be 
used from userChrome.css to highlight folders, where there are messages, 
that have not been there, when the folder was last opened. It wont ever 
match the folder that is currently opened. This propertry is pure client 
side state by definition.


>> On Dec 19, 2020, at 12:19 AM, Philip Rhoades <phil at 
>> <mailto:phil at>> wrote:
>> David,
>> On 2020-12-19 00:08, David Morsberger wrote:
>>> Phil,
>>> Are you trying to find out how dovecot marks emails as unread?
>> No - I am trying to work out how New Unread Mails are highlighted in 
>> blue - see the attached partial screen capture - the two 
>> blue-highlighted RCM folders are highlighted in blue AND are also in 
>> bold - folders with OLD but UNREAD mails are just in bold.
>> I want to create a script or find out some way of marking a folder 
>> blue according to the datestamp of the most recent mail in the folder.
>> Does that make sense?
>> Thanks,
>> Phil.
>>> Assuming you are using maildir format, it appears to be encoded as
>>> flags in the email filename on disk.
>>> It’s briefly covered in 'Filename examples'
>>> And in 'What can I put in info?'
>>>> On Dec 17, 2020, at 7:12 PM, Philip Rhoades <phil at>
>>>> wrote:
>>>> Benny,
>>>> On 2020-12-18 09:28, Benny Pedersen wrote:
>>>> Philip Rhoades skrev den 2020-12-17 22:14:
>>>> Every few years I try to work this problem out
>>>> User-Agent: Roundcube Webmail/1.4-rc1
>>>> please upgrade first
>>> It is a long-standing problem and upgrading RCM is not a solution . .
>>>>> - occasionally I would
>>>>> like to re-mark a dir as having new mail so that the dir shows up
>>>>> as
>>>>> blue-coloured in RCM.
>>>> please dont modify mails outside of imap protocol,
>>> Then how do I do what I want with IMAP?
>>>> if you use
>>>> roundcube it will not be needed to mangle shell accounts
>>> That comment doesn't make sense . .
>>>>> Every time I Google in vain and then have a go
>>>>> at working it out myself
>>>> if google have no answer to it, its simple not supported
>>> Quite frequently not true . .
>>>>> but the only thing I can see is that there is
>>>>> a change in the appropriate dir dovecot.index.log file after
>>>>> having
>>>>> the blue dir clicked on
>>>> dont mangle files outside of imap protocol
>>> You already said that - what is your solution then?
>>>>> (and the colour of the dir name changes back
>>>>> to black) - so is the information stored somewhere in RCM itself?
>>>> no
>>> OK, overall not a very helpful response . . but thanks anyway.
>>> P.
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