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Elise dovecot_ML at cloudzeeland.nl
Sat Apr 3 01:39:26 EEST 2021

I have this account, /usr/home/me
To be able to admin websites, I created a folder /usr/home/me/www , 
containing my siteroot /usr/home/me/www/mysite.com

My dovecot.config:
mail_location = mbox:/home/%u:INBOX=/var/mail/%u

the actual mailfolder is /usr/home/me/mail , which I defined in my 
mailclient as 'mail/'

The issue now is that Dovecot is indexing my whole /usr/home/me/ folder, 
including the www folder, in which it also idexes every folder that is 
in /usr/home/me/www/mysite.com .
It puts in these folders an .imap folder that is containing the exact 
content of the folder it is put in. So my site takes double space by 
this Dovecot indexing.

To solve this issue, I defined my mail_location line as mail_location = 
and removed the 'mail/' directive from my mail client.

For some reason this does not prevent Dovecot to index the subfolders of 

- Do I have to remove all Dovecot related indexing files by hand to 
solve this and restart Dovecot service afterwards?
- Can you tell me how I can define the Dovecot index files location so 
that there will be no .imap folder created anymore in my 
/usr/home/me/www/ subfolder(s)?

Thanks for you help!

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