Searching 30 GB mailbox

Sami Ketola sami at
Wed Dec 1 10:35:43 UTC 2021

> On 1. Dec 2021, at 10.59, Einar Bjarni Halldórsson <einar at> wrote:
>> Did you have Messsage-ID listed in mail_always_cache_fields when you imported the mailbox?
>> Do you have it now?
>> If not, please add it and then use doveadm fetch to populate that in cache.
>> I think the correct setting is
>> mail_always_cache_fields = hdr.message-id
>> But you also might want to add some other fields
> I didn't have it in mail_always_cache_fields, but I had looked at doveadm mailbox cache decision and seen the fields mentioned in the log as being in cache as temp.
> I just tried adding hdr.MESSAGE-ID to mail_always_cache_fields and tried to fetch but with the same result. Good idea though.
> doveadm cache decision only tells me what dovecot will try to keep in cache, is there some why of inspecting the cache itself to know what is stored there? I've had to raise vsz_limit because of out of memory situations, so maybe the cache is corrupt? Nothing about it in logs though.

Adding it to mail_always_cache_fields does not miraculously make cache updated. Each mail needs to be accessed for that to happen.
Ie. With doveadm fetch.

You can inspect the index files with doveadm dump to check what is cached. Not sure how it went with mdbox storage driver.


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