new bee needs starter docs

Gene Heskett gheskett at
Wed Dec 1 22:26:28 UTC 2021

Greetings all'

Brand New today install of debian bullseye.

I have looked at you doc pages, but don't see a good tut for a newbie to use for setting it
up the first time ever. I have version 2.3.13 (89f716dc2) from the debian bullseye distro.

What I want is to pull from my ISP account, which is also running dovecot, to a local mailfile.
Or I can do that with fetchmail, its been doing that for a decade already. Its currently
using procmail to run stuff thru spamassassin and clamd  depositing the survivors into
a /var/mail/mailfile, which the older tde kmail then pulled and sorted into folders holding maildirs. But I can't get tde to install on bullseye.

Kudo's for any help you can supply.

Cheers, Gene
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