Strategies for protecting IMAP (e.g. MFA)

Chris Bennett chris-dvcot at
Wed Dec 1 22:31:41 UTC 2021

On Mon, Nov 15, 2021 at 02:14:31PM -0600, Tyler Montney wrote:

> I've just recently started using mailing lists, so replying is still a bit
> awkward to me. (Probably be easier if we'd use forums.)

Forums are a mixed bag. Some love them, some hate them.

I previously ran a forum for LedgerSMB.
It had some usage, but people mostly preferred the mailing lists.

I was also running an add-on by the forum author that allowed posting
incoming emails to boards. I never setup an outgoing to the mailing
list. I wanted to. No time.

However, reading and searching emails from a mailing list in a forum is
*nice*. Really nice. You can see the entire thread at once.

If any mailing list I'm part of wants to do a read-only posting of email
only messages like that, I would put up a forum for that only, for free.

I would only make something like that public if the mailing list owners
wanted it done.

As far as 2FA over a phone, I hate it.
When traveling, my phone only works in USA, Canada and Mexico.
If I were in Guatemala, I'd have no access to my DNS server company.

Chris Bennett

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