LDAP and user duplicated with replication

Claudio Corvino ccorvino at trustitalia.it
Thu Dec 2 16:54:42 UTC 2021


I have two IMAP/LMTP Dovecot server in replica (version, I use 
LDAP/AD for /userdb, /replica is working.

When I do a search like:

/doveadm replicator status '*'/

I receive user duplicated, with and without the domain part, for example:


/test at domain.com/

but they are the same user; this lead the replicator doing twice the 
work of replication.

I think this is related to //etc/dovecot/dovecot-ldap.conf/ that is 
configured in this way:

/hosts = xxx/

/base = dc=xxx,dc=xxx
auth_bind = yes
dn = cn=xxx,cn=Users,dc=xxx,dc=xxx
dnpass = xxx
scope = subtree
user_attrs = 
pass_attrs = sAMAccountName=user
user_filter = (&(objectclass=person)(samaccountname=%n))
pass_filter= (&(objectclass=person)(samaccountname=%n))
iterate_attrs = sAMAccountName=user
# With following filter we exclude all objects without an email address, 
all computers and all inactive accounts

/iterate_filter = 

I think that *iterate_attrs* and *iterate_filter* should be fixed, but I 
don't know how/./

Please could someone give me any hints?


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